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Clarissa is derived from the German name Clarice. Clarice is derived from the Latin the word Clarus, which means “bright, clear or famous.” Clarissa also has a Greek origin, meaning “brilliant”. Clarissa is considered an English, Italian, and Portuguese name. Clarisa is the Spanish form of the name.


"I’m not fragile, " snapped Lissa. “And I’m going to stop using spirit before it got worse.”


New footage in the training center.



Books meme » Seven otps [2/7] | Madness

Noah smoothed the hair from my face. Made me look at him before he spoke. “There will come a moment when there’s nothing you want more than us. Together. When you’re free of every fear and there is nothing in our way.” Noah’s voice was sincere, his expression serious. I wanted to believe him.

“And then I’ll make you scream my name.”

I broke into a smile. “Maybe I’ll make you scream mine.